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Hi there. Long time no hear.

Difficult to believe but six months have passed since I last posted something here. But does that mean that I have left the mozilla/library perspective behind? Nope. On the contrary: last April I was accepted as a Mozilla rep and ever since I have been more focused than ever on the strategical links between digital literacy, Mozilla tools and the library and learning sector. As a matter of fact, I’ve been so absorbed by all this that I haven’t had time enough to reflect on the process and I have felt a lack of time and energy to keep this blog updated. Above all, what has kept me busy during this time is the project: a mobile makerspace for digital empowerment. I’m really happy that the concept is actually taking off and evolving. The concept is very much focused on various aspects of digital literacies, following the connected learning model and the thinking of Doug Belshaw and others.  The Mozilla community, and in particular the #webliteracy and #mozteach oriented part of it, is still one of my main inspirational resources, together with all the amazing input I get from friends and collegues in the maker movement, inside and outside of the library business. A lot of the Mozilla related visions, ideas and concepts I have been playing with here on the  #mozlib blog, fka #mozillarian, I now canalize through makerbox workshops, talks and tinkering. The “mozlib thing” is all embedded there. So, for the time being, don’t expect so much activity here on the mozlib blog. But hey I have no plans to dump it – once in a while I will publish stuff here. However, FYI: I’m currently much more active on See you there! :)



Say hello to #hackpass – a collaborative “passport” for the #makerboxes

11070088_10153211751737508_61011737892918262_n – aka my mobile makerspace  – is a playful project for digital empowerment. It’s also collaborative. Inspiring makers who do projects suitable for a box are adding exciting value to the boxes. They can add their favourite creative recipes for others to enjoy and they get recognition and new ways of spreading their ideas, skills and products.  Thanks to these contributors the boxes can be constantly changing, transforming, surprising and engaging…

I’ve been thinking about how to design the boxes in order to make them communicate between makers: today I bought some sketch books from a TGR store and started designing them as hackpasses: passes for hacking and maker passports. One for each makerbox. Inside these books anyone who contribute to the development of the boxes – with material, projects or ideas – will be able to add their comments, recipes and suggestions, together with their contact details. This way the boxes can communicate in new, and sometimes unexcpected ways.  I hope this will be a fun way for makers to connect with curious learners at other locations and also to inspire people to remix their projects.

Next week I will be showcasing at the ‘Learning of the future‘ conference in Stockholm. Hoping to get some feedback from workshop participants, some of which could be added to a #hackpass or two maybe? :)

DSC_0032 – a mobile makerspace for digital empowerment


For the last six months or so I have been thinking a lot about digital creativity in low budget libraries. I have been asking myself: how could maker opportunities be facilitated in libraries that lack the resources for a full scale makerspace?  A project like Frysklab – the world’s first mobile Fab Lab, is absolutely awesome (and a great source for inspiration!), but what if one can’t afford to buy a bus, a 3D printer or a laser cutter but still wants to try out some smaller makerspace activities in the library? That’s how the idea of an affordable mobile makerspace was born.

If you want to read my first outline of the project idea – which I have moulded around Doug Belshaw’s digital literacies framework, and pimped with  some Webmaker workshop ideas – don’t hesitate to go to and let me know what you think!

And if you happen to be in the Stockholm area tomorrow, take the blue metro line to Kista Science City and join the opening of the Makerspace/Hackerspace exhibition at Digital Art Center – I will be there too, with :)


Skärmklipp 2015-03-04 21.59.17




Join us for a Connected Learning Nordic After Work @ Solidarity House

Badge(76)Mozillians, open educators and open librarians in the Stockholm area: come and Meet Per, Kerstin and Herdis from the Ung Laering project at Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek! They are about to start a makerspace following Connected Learning principles, with Mozilla Open Badges on the agenda, and now they want to pick our brains. We’ll also leave room for discussion about the creation of a ‘Hive Nordic Learning Commuity’  and finally we’ll get an introduction to the ongoing translation of Mozilla Webmaker and how we all can contribute.

When? February 23 6-8 pm
Where? Solidaritetshuset at Södermalm in central Stockholm.

Please join the Facebook event here.

Looking forward to meeting you! :)

(Can’t promise but we might be able to set up a Google Hangout for you who want to connect from a distance.)


Remixing makerboxes and having fun with stop motion.

After some lazy Christmas days (Happy New Year, btw!) I’m now spending my last days of holiday remixing maker boxes for a Connected Learning Meetup and a Maker Party for all Ages this Tuesday, at the new Kista Library. I’m happy to be hosting these events together with some good friends: Soumya Chakraborti, with whom I’m organizing connected learning events here in Stockholm, Harriet Aurell, who is an amazing maker and educator, and Rebecca Fleischer Medici, who kindly invited us to set up the maker party in the library, yay!



Cover-CC-BY-pranav-A4-400px-tall-212x300I’m filling the boxes with some new updated workshop material (such as Makey Makey, Strawbees and some awesome DIY kits from Technology will save us) together with some Mozilla Webmaker related challenges: “Hack your library with X-Ray Goggles“, “Make your own app with Mozilla App Maker” and “Claim and issue your own Open Badges“.


After reading Doug Belshaw’s excellent book on digital literacy I realized how well his eight essential elements of digital literacies fit into a context like this. So, consequently, I’ve now named the first eight boxes accordingly: the cultural box, the cognitive box, the constructive box etc. Big thanks Doug for providing the ingredients for these recipes! :)

To be continued… /Åke



Makerbox Meetup for Librarians & friends tonight 8pm @ Mozilla Festival!


Mozillians on Twitter are amazing. Tweeted one hour ago that a #mozlib meetup tonight would be nice. Now we have a plan :)

Skärmdump 2014-10-24 16.50.19 Skärmdump 2014-10-24 16.50.44

In other words: look out for us at the Hive table tonight at Mozilla Festival’s Science Fair.  Come and say hello! Can’t wait to show you my maker boxes :) /Åke


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