Remixing makerboxes and having fun with stop motion.

After some lazy Christmas days (Happy New Year, btw!) I’m now spending my last days of holiday remixing maker boxes for a Connected Learning Meetup and a Maker Party for all Ages this Tuesday, at the new Kista Library. I’m happy to be hosting these events together with some good friends: Soumya Chakraborti, with whom I’m organizing connected learning events here in Stockholm, Harriet Aurell, who is an amazing maker and educator, and Rebecca Fleischer Medici, who kindly invited us to set up the maker party in the library, yay!



Cover-CC-BY-pranav-A4-400px-tall-212x300I’m filling the boxes with some new updated workshop material (such as Makey Makey, Strawbees and some awesome DIY kits from Technology will save us) together with some Mozilla Webmaker related challenges: “Hack your library with X-Ray Goggles“, “Make your own app with Mozilla App Maker” and “Claim and issue your own Open Badges“.


After reading Doug Belshaw’s excellent book on digital literacy I realized how well his eight essential elements of digital literacies fit into a context like this. So, consequently, I’ve now named the first eight boxes accordingly: the cultural box, the cognitive box, the constructive box etc. Big thanks Doug for providing the ingredients for these recipes! :)

To be continued… /Åke



Makerbox Meetup for Librarians & friends tonight 8pm @ Mozilla Festival!


Mozillians on Twitter are amazing. Tweeted one hour ago that a #mozlib meetup tonight would be nice. Now we have a plan :)

Skärmdump 2014-10-24 16.50.19 Skärmdump 2014-10-24 16.50.44

In other words: look out for us at the Hive table tonight at Mozilla Festival’s Science Fair.  Come and say hello! Can’t wait to show you my maker boxes :) /Åke


Skärmdump 2014-10-24 16.32.04


Skärmdump 2014-10-24 16.32.41


Skärmdump 2014-10-24 16.32.57


Skärmdump 2014-10-24 16.33.11


Bye Mozillarian! Hi #mozlib!

Badge(53)I started this blog one year ago (almost) as a direct result of all the good energy and inspiration I received from attending Mozilla Festival 2013. It’s been an exciting year and I’ve learnt so much: by branding the blog “mozillarian” I wanted to make a contribution to a cross-boundary conversation about all the good values and opportunities that Mozilla and libraries have in common. And by referring to myself as a mozillarian I found an empowering tool for the “remixing” of my own professional persona. Since I work for libraries but I’m not a “real” librarian (I didn’t go to library school and, to be honest, I feel rather lost in the literature world) and since I’m a mozillian but with a specific passion for the web as a global library for reading, making and learning, it’s felt quite liberating (and fun!) to identify as a ‘mozillarian’. I feel very happy about the good outcomes of spreading the use of this term.

However, after one year of ‘mozillarianship’, I now feel that it’s time for a change. And since today is the kickoff of Mozilla Festival 2014, I think this is a perfect moment for a remix of the blog and its “brand”:

Mozillarian is now #mozlib


  • First of all, because I feel the need for a change :) It’s good to do a bit of revamping every now and then, isn’t it?
  • Secondly, because Mozillarian is such a long word, and also a bit difficult to articulate. Mozlarian? Eh? Mozzarellarian? Qué? ;)
  • And thirdly, because it’s obviously a bit too close to ‘mozillian‘, the common way to describe a member of the Mozilla community.

So, in short: in order to re-ignite my own passion for blogging and also to minimize the risk for confusion I’ve decided to revamp the whole mozillarian thing into #mozlib. The new domain name is*. I hope this will will turn out to be a good decision, both for me and for those of you who wish to continue on this exploration journey of the Mozilla community and the library world.


*the domain will still be working but you’ll get redirected to

Yesterday I arrived in London, where the sun is shining ( yay!) and where I will spend the upcoming week. It’s going to be a real #mozlib week indeed:

Screenshot 2014-04-08 11.38.59

At Internet Librarian International – the annual European meeting point for digitally inclined library professional –  I will give a short presentation about ICT training in public libraries and how Mozilla tools and connected learning principles can boost digital literacies (here’s a short article on the subject that I wrote recently: Connected learning: boosting ICT training in public librarie

Skärmdump 2014-10-19 13.37.45

I  so much like the fact that I will be part of a session named Transformational Teaching, since that’s really my ambition: to contribute to a deep transformation of the very idea of ICT training in libraries, and make room for a move forward towards the formation of a digital literacies strategy that spans over all activities in libraries. If you will be attending the conference I would be psyched to see you there. It’s on Wednesday 22 of October and I’m looking forward to a lot of idea exchange with you and other fellow digital library geeks from around the globe :)

Skärmdump 2014-10-19 13.32.28

X_Track_logoAt #ILI2014 I’m also happy to be part of the  X Track, where I will be showcasing hackerspace related stuff together with two very productive European bibliomakers:  Jeroen from Frysklab and Rasmus from Copenhagen FabLab. Can’t wait to meetup and see what we can make! As far as I am concerned I’ll bring a set of ‘maker boxes’…. :)





Finally, at the end of the week I’ll be attending the annual Mozilla Festival, where I will try to find a balanced focus on just a FEW things but I will probably fail ;) – there is so much happening!. Well, it most certainly will be some kind of sallad with the following tasty ingredients:  Hive learning Networks, Digital Literacy,  Open Badges, Digital Art and the Mobile Web. If you’re attending mozfest and want to meetup, don’t hesitate to give me a ping. Looking forward to seeing you!


Maker Party at ‘Bibblerian’ library – towards a public office for making, learning and training

One of my favourite libraries in the Stockholm area is the recently launched ‘Bibblerian’, a small but dedicated place for reading, learning and making.

Step by step, and in partnership with the development project The Public Office , the library has a vision of becoming not only a place for checking out books, but also a free and open shared office space for project work, training and making.

Tomorrow I’m happy to be part of the library’s very first Maker Party, yay! :) As a matter of fact, it’s going to be also the very first Swedish library maker party. At the event, we will showcase a ‘smorgasbord’ of both physical and digital tools for making and interactivity, such as Scratch, fusible beads, knitting, Webmaker, App Maker, Leap Motion, Raspberry Pi, Arduino…. even the library’s own kitchen! :) Since it’s the first time this kind of event is hosted in the library we don’t really know how many will show up, or what kind of maker activites they will prefer. My guess is that the ‘kitchen make’ will be especially popular! :D

Will keep you posted here and on the event page!