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Is Mozilla Firefox the best browser for privacy

Online security is a big concern for a lot of people who browse the internet. If it isn’t for you, then you are making a big mistake. In truth, the web is a powerful tool since almost anything can be searched for, found and viewed. However, too many companies today are gathering and utilizing user information for their own agenda, greed and interest. Google and Facebook are prime examples of this. They both collect user data, monetize from it and sell it to advertisers. That means every webpage you visit, what you do online and how you interact is recorded.

One of the ways people know this is because these companies admit it and even boast about it. While there are some folks who don’t care that their every move, keystroke and page visited is tracked and recorded, others are not so forgiving. For them, they see it as a violation of their privacy. This can be a problem for people who visit sites which they may not want others to know about. Case in point are those who visit adult sites.

Over the past few years, statistical data from both search engines and porn sites been made public. It shows that millions of people all over the world watch pornography daily. This can be problematic for those who don’t want what they do online tracked. For them, their porn viewing habits can cause a variety of problems. Some may be doing so from work or on a public computer. Others want to keep that information from their partner, friends or family. Whatever the reason, there are ways individuals can protect themselves.

One of the best methods for hiding or keeping secret what you view and do, is by using a superior browser. Unfortunately, not all of them are great when it comes to privacy protection. For example, folks use Google Chrome in large numbers. Although the browser does offer great security, it ranks very low on privacy. That should come as no surprise to people since it belongs to Google which is a data collecting company.

The best option is Mozilla since it scores very well on both security and privacy. They even have a private browsing option which is great for those who want to look at porno. More so, if a person wants to see a type of pornography that may be embarrassing or deemed lewd and obscene. A prime example is midget porn. If you don’t want people to know you watch either of these or any other type of sexually explicit content, Mozilla browser is for you. Coincidentally, Mozilla Firefox browser updates regularly almost bi-weekly. That means the browser is great for beating out would be scammers, virus and malware.

In addition to using Firefox, you should install a program called CCleaner. This is a powerful tool for cleaning out your browser history. Combined together with Mozilla Firefox, it will be hard for anyone to know what you are doing online. More importantly, whatever you wish to watch while on the web, will be only known by you.

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