Mozilla Firefox is a reliable browser that can be used in Windows and Mac Operating Systems, and the following ways are how to download the Mozilla Firefox Browser on your computer.

Download Mozilla Firefox on Mac

Using your current browser of Apple or Safari, search for the Firefox download page and the file will automatically detect what OS you are using and the language on your computer, and then there will be recommendations for the best versions suitable for your computer. Select the green download button to start the download, and the file will robotically open and you will see the Finder window consisting of the Firefox application. Then drag the Firefox icon on top of the folder for Applications so you can copy the file there, and then press down the control key and at the same time press the window button and choose the option “Eject Firefox”. You can add Firefox to the dock by dragging the Firefox into the dock from the Applications folder.

Download Mozilla Firefox on Windows

In your Windows computer, choose a browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome and search for the Firefox download page, and when you found it, click on the button that says Download Now, and the file will automatically choose the best suitable version for your computer. With Internet Explorer browser, you will see a notification at the foot of the page asking you to either save or run the installer, and you need to choose run so the process of downloading will commence. If you’re using another browser, you must save the installer first to your hard drive before you open the file to start the download. When you see the User Account Control dialog box, choose YES, and the installation of the Mozilla Firefox will start. You will receive a confirmation once the Firefox browser is successfully installed.