It is definitely disheartening to use the Mozilla Firefox browser and the websites you want to open are taking a long time to load. There are numerous ways to remedy this annoyance, using the following tactics:

Update to the latest Firefox version

Make sure that your browser has the latest version, and if not, make it a point to update to the current one. Slow loading of pages is mostly caused by old versions of the Firefox.

Enable hardware acceleration

You can play games and stream videos more smoothly by making sure that the hardware acceleration of your Firefox browser is enabled. You can find this option under general in preferences, and with the performance option, choose the number 4 (default), and if you have a 16GB RAM, choose number 5, 6 for 32GB RAM, and for 64GB RAM, select number 7.

Free up memory

Free up unwanted memory in your Firefox browser by checking for all available apps, and then measure the memory reports. Make sure that you choose the option “minimize memory usage” to free up data and boost the performance of the browser.

Disable data collection and telemetry

The process of obtaining your information through Firefox is causing your browser to have slow speed, and so make sure that you disable all options to collect data by Firefox.

Disable unnecessary add-ons

Double check the extensions in your browser and disable those that are of no use to you anymore. Only leave those that are updated and necessary for the latest version of Firefox.

Clear cache, cookies, and history

Clearing the cache, cookies, and history of the Firefox browser is a proven method to start fresh with the browser in terms of searching, and this is a known method to quickly make the browser perform faster.