Mozilla Firefox is constantly evolving and the new versions came out fast after the last ones. The add-ons for this browser continue to update as well, and the following Firefox add-ons are the best extensions for Mozilla Firefox basing on the number of users utilizing these extensions.

Adblock Plus

This amazing add-on allows passionate users to take control of their viewing experience and successfully prohibits irritating ads and banners on Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. This add-on only allows unobtrusive ads in order to support the lifeline of the website, and inhibits all well-known malware domains. There are more than forty filter subscriptions presented in many languages which act automatically for configuration. Adblock Plus ranked number one with the number of users, as 11,358,453 people are using this extension.

uBlock Origin

The uBlock Origin has 4,862,099 dedicated users who are thankful for the efficiency of this blocker that is absolutely friendly to the CPU and memory. Thousands of filters can be loaded in this add-on, but the performance will still standout compared to other add-ons in the market. This is a dedicated and flexible ad blocker and at the same time, the uBlock Origin can read and create various filters found in the hosts files.

Video DownloadHelper

The Video DownloadHelper add-on is the comprehensive tool to extract image files and videos from different web sites and store them in the hard drive of the computer. This add-on has 3,227,986 users who can utilize this extension when they open websites like Facebook, DailyMotion, VImeo, Vine, Twitch, RAI, UStream, LiveLeak, and thousands more. Users can easily download videos from video sites in an easy and effortless manner. This add-on is also highly capable of video conversion or modification of the video and audio formats, and aggregation or the blending of different videos and audios into one single file.